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Tattoo Aftercare

After you leave the studio, it is your responsibility to care for the tattoo following the information below. 

Recommended Cream

We recommend using either Tattoo Goo or Bepanthen.

What is normal?

Bleeding, some ink discharge, redness, swelling and the skin feeling hot to the touch are all normal for the first few days. After a few days the tattoo may start to scab and itch, it's very important not to scratch it.

How to care for your tattoo

  • Always wash your hand thoroughly with an antibacterial soap before touching tattoo during the first 7-10 days.

  • You will leave the studio with a cover over it, please keep this on for at least a few hours or as instructed by your tattoo artist.

  • When its ready to remove, peel back the dressing and very gently wash it using warm water and a mild non-perfumed soap like Simple or Dove. It's important to do this fairly quickly, without keeping the tattoo wet for too long.

  • Pat the area dry with disposable kitchen towel (do not rub) and then apply the product thinly, you want to only see a shine to the skin.

  • Then you re-cover your tattoo using fresh clingfilm and skin tape (bought from any large supermarket or pharmacy).

  • For large pieces, we recommend keeping the tattoo covered, (especially at night to avoid rubbing from bedsheets) for the first 4/5 days. Re-apply and change the clingfilm every morning and evening.

  • After the first 4-5 days, you don't need to use the clingfilm anymore but do carry on using the product and don't allow the tattoo to become dry, you may find you're applying it little but often.

  • You may leave the tattoo uncovered for 1-3 hours everyday to allow the tattoo and skin to breathe a little. 

  • This process is for the first 14 days or so.

Things to avoid during the healing time 7-10 days

  • Don't allow the tattoo to dry out, keep using the product.

  • Keep the the tattoo covered in sunlight and avoid using sun beds, even after its healed we'd recommend using a strong suncream to keep it vibrant.

  • Avoid using cosmetics on the tattoo such as deodorants, perfume, self tan etc.

  • Try not to wear any clothing that is tight fitting over the tattoo or anything that may be abrasive.

  • Take quick showers to prevent the tattoo being too wet and avoid taking a bath, swimming, saunas during the first 10-14 days.

  • Definitely don't touch the tattoo unnecessarily and never pick or scratch it.

Any issues please contact the studio 

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