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Bookings Terms & Conditions

Age & ID Policies

For 6-15 year olds

We need a parent present to provide parental consent and to sign the parental consent form. This means that you must bring the following forms of ID with you:

  • Photographic ID for the child

  • Photographic ID for the parent;

  • Full original birth certificate (parent must be named on it)

For a legal guardian to sign on behalf of a minor, we need court documentation proving legal guardianship along with the photo IDs. 

Customers ages 16+

Do not need to bring a parent with them to the studio, but must bring one of the forms of ID listed below.

We accept the following forms of photographic ID

  • Passport

  • Driving licence/provisional driving licence;

  • Citizenship card;

  • National ID card (with date of birth and photo);

  • Student card with photo, name and date of birth;

  • 16+ oyster card with clear photograph (not valid for 18+ piercings)

  • Photo card with name and original birth certificate

We do not accept photocopies, photographs etc, all IDs must be original and un-tampered with. 

Age requirements

6+ with parent for Ear Lobes (see ID policies below)

12+ Basic Helix piercings (see ID policies above)

14+ with parent for most other piercings (see ID policies above)

16+ with photographic ID

18+ for Nipple, Cheek and male genital piercings with photographic ID

Piercings we do not perform

Snake Eyes, Tongue Web, Surface Tongue, Female Genital, Microdermal implants.

Deposits are non refundable

Piercing deposits come off the instore spend. We will happily make amendments up to 2 hours before appointment slot. No show, late attendance or lack of ID will forfeit the deposit.

Deposit for Children's Ear piercing 

The child must be the one to give consent, if they decide not to go ahead with the first or second piercing the full piercing cost of £25/£40 will still be charged and there will be a £5 reprocessing fee for the jewellery that was not used, to be sterilised again (ultrasonic, packaged, autoclaved).

No appointment needed for jewellery

Appointments made for jewellery or fittings only, require a minimum spend of £50 to have the deposit deducted. We do not require an appointment for jewellery or fittings unless you are getting multiple pieces that need fitting, minimum spend still applies.

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