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ID & Age Policies

For 6-15 year olds

We need a parent present to provide parental consent and to sign the parental consent form. This means that you must bring the following forms of ID with you:

  • Photographic ID for the child

  • Photographic ID for the parent;

  • Full original birth certificate (parent must be named on it, if the name has changed, please bring documents to support this, i.e. marriage certificate)

For a legal guardian to sign on behalf of a minor, we need court documentation proving legal guardianship along with the photo IDs. 

Customers ages 16+

Do not need to bring a parent with them to the studio, but must bring one of the forms of ID listed below.

We accept the following forms of photographic ID

  • Passport

  • Driving licence/provisional driving licence;

  • Citizenship card;

  • National ID card (with date of birth and photo);

  • Student card with photo, name and date of birth;

  • 16+ oyster card with clear photograph (not valid for 18+ piercings)

  • Photo card with name and original birth certificate

We do not accept photocopies, photographs etc, all IDs must be original and un-tampered with. 

Age requirements

6+ with parent for Ear Lobes upto 3rd holes (see ID policies above)

13+ with parent for most other piercings (see ID policies above)

16+ with photographic ID

18+ for Nipple, Cheek and male genital piercings with photographic ID

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