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Ear Piercing for 6 - 12 year olds

At House of Iris, we understand that children's ear piercing can be a special moment and we are dedicated to making it a positive and enjoyable experience.

That's why we offer safe, disposable needle only ear piercing for children 6-12 years old.

For pricing click here & for ID requirements click here

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Book Online

We only take bookings for children ear piercing because of all the ID's we require. The booking fee is paid upfront to secure your time slot and will come off the total price in store.


Your Appointment

Our team will welcome you and help you choose from our range of high-quality hypoallergenic implant-grade titanium or solid 14k gold jewelry. We stock hundreds of designs, from classic gems, colors, opals, shapes to more unique styles for your child to choose from.

Image by Ethan Wilkinson


Consent & ID's

We'll ask you or your child to fill out the consent form and show us the relevant ID's. For children we need a photo ID for both parent and child along with the child's full birth certificate (the one with parents name)



Some of our jewellery is pre-packaged and sterilised in the studio ready to use and others are sterilised to order in our Statim 2000, this process takes around 15 mins.



In the room

Once called, you'll enter into a private room with just yourselves and the piercer. We allow one parent to be present during the piercing. The piercer will clean and mark the piercing sites and then you will have time to check them.



We work with single use diposable needles, that you will see us open and dispose of straight away. The piercing only takes a second and the child will be laying down on our comfy piercing bed.




After the piercing, the piercer will show your child the mirror and admire their new piercings. They will then go through what to clean the piercings with, how long for and what to avoid. 


Bag of goodies

You'll be given a bag which has our recommended aftercare product in it, our aftercare sticker, some sweets & a certificate of bravery which is dated with your Childs name on it to remember the experience.

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